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The Final Destination by EchoRelicArt The Final Destination by EchoRelicArt
"When you cheat Death, Death will always find a way to cheat you back..."

(One of these days I know you guys are gonna twist my arm and yell "Enough Final Destination artwork, you tool!!!" But until then, I shale post more and more, for I am obsessed!)

This photo comes as a very funny parody poster for "The Final Destination" (2009) which involved a NASCAR track as the main disaster of the film. The photo is to show you that all these characters (ALL VERY OVERRATED) will eventually die off, as all overrated characters eventually do. Indeed, every fan character has an ending. This Final Destination photo represents that. But look who we have here! Mordecai (Regular Show), Twilight Sparkle, RainbowDash (My Little Pony), Lucario (Pokemon), Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog, DUH!)


Mordecai: Mordecai, like Hunt from the original film, is here to see a crash. Well, guess what? He's getting one! (Cheers to the most bad-ass avian bird in Television!)
RainbowDash: Dashie is here for the speed! DUH! (Obvious, right?)
Twilight Sparkle: She's been dragged to this event by Dashie
Lucario: He has nothing better to do on Sundays... so you know...
Sonic: Need 4 speed!

They were meant to die in the NASCAR race, but since they survived they are now they're on deaths list...

(I know I'm possibly gonna get a lot of hate from doing this. 1 For Adding Ponies to my art gallery. 2. Also for not being in color.
But I thought it looked really nice like this so for now that's how it goes)

These are all my favorite (Most Overrated BUT Well-LOVED) Cartoon Characters of 2012!

Final Destination ©Jeffrey Reddick
Lucario, Pokemon © Nintendo
My Little Pony (Twilight Sparkle, RainbowDash) © Hasbro, fyre-flye
Sonic © Sega
Mordecai, Regular Show © JGQuintel

Artwork ©~Echorilec
If I wanted to see artwork by a TRUE artist... then I most certainly Came to the right place!!! I LOVE the Flying cars Look with the gas leak and flying debris. But it could probably use MORE color so it would make me FEEL like I'm right there about too be hit by the vehicle. Also you did a perfect job With mordicai , giving him that nervous look was true art genius. Plus you really did A SUPER DUPER job with lucario's expression, It suits his persona Well. And Sonic has that good normal stance that show's his care free side, even thought he is a little concerned. Dashie is MAGNIFICENT, it was like she Deserved wearing that expression even thought she is brave. Now to Twilight sparkel, You gave her that worried yet caring face that she would give to friend in danger. SPECTACULAR ARTWORK
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Critique by Sceret Dec 28, 2012, 5:59:51 PM
On deviantart crossover is what i want this is amazing
inspiring my favorite show and anime this will be on the wall of
fame on the group the effect is just like the movie i will
be show the top ten picture artist and this picture will this
it so yeah you have proven yourself that your the good crossover
artist you not just proven yourself but also represent the our
group i have to say is just like a movie poster
You have done a great job and i want say your at doing a art like this and great job!
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December 28, 2012
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